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During our 20-min. call, you'll gain clarity as to what is keeping you stuck from reaching your goals especially when it comes to feeling confident in the kitchen and cooking delicious, healthy meals that you and your family will love. Learn about the specific process the women I work with go through and how exactly we work together to achieve their goals. Determine the next steps to help you move forward with your goals and feel empowered in your health journey.

The Next Step In Your Health Journey

My own health journey started 15 years ago…

I thought I was eating healthy but still felt hungry all the time...

I couldn’t figure out what was causing the digestive issues (so embarrassing!)...

Why was my body aching and falling apart before I was even 40?

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

So I went to culinary nutrition school and learned what healthy actually is and how to cook healthy.

Since then, I’ve taken all my skills as a culinary nutrition expert and designed a step-by-step online program that can fit into any busy schedule to fill in nutrition gaps, teach you how to cook real, whole foods and help you create a system for meal planning and prepping to free up your time.

Imagine enjoying dinner time again.

Get rid of the frustration, stress and overwhelm in the kitchen.

Learn what therapeutic foods to eat for your specific health journey.

Feel healthier, inspired and more empowered about food and your life.

If you’re committed to learning and making small changes and you're ready to invest in yourself and your health, then the Complete Healthy Kitchen program may be a fit.


  • 12 online modules including Eating for Energy, Therapeutic Foods, Herbs & Spices, Sweet Treats and more
  • content hub filled with audio learning and transcripts, cooking demos, new healthy recipes
  • time-saving system for meal planning and prepping
  • 12 weeks of personalized coaching including weekly Q&A group zoom call to have your questions answered
  • community support and accountability in private Facebook group

What others are saying about the Complete Healthy Kitchen program ...

What you’re going to get:

A Proven Plan

Use this step-by-step program so you can instantly start improving your confusion or frustration around food, nutrition and cooking and become empowered in the kitchen.


This will be invaluable in helping you create sustainable habits and patterns around making healthier choices so you can achieve confidence in the kitchen and enjoy peace of mind when it comes to cooking healthy meals that you and your family will enjoy.


Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us in our private Facebook group and for the weekly coaching calls. You will be encouraged and motivated and receive ongoing feedback and support.

Hey There!

I’m Lisa Branch, a culinary nutrition expert who works with women to create healthy and delicious meals that their families will love. Family mealtime is an opportunity to connect with your family, so ditch the frustration and stress about what to cook for dinner.every.single.night.

I am a mom of 3 busy and hungry teenagers, living in the foothills of Alberta, Canada.

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